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Etienne van Heerden is the founder editor of LitNet. Established as an Afrikaans literary e-zine in 1999 it has grown into a highly respected multilingual internet journal with close to 600 000 page impressions a month. As South Africa’s leading online journal for new writing in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and other languages, LitNet has developed into a broad cultural forum, with rigorous debates and new material added six days a week.

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# App for LitNet Akademies

LitNet has developed an iOS app for delivery of accredited academic articles published in its node for academic essays, LitNet Akademies. Fields covered are the Humanities, Law, the Natural Sciences and Religious Studies. The app includes a channel for online seminars, videoclips, interviews and other material which LitNet generates to enhance accredited research. The articles are in Afrikaans, and include lengthy abstracts in the English language.

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