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# Conference 'Conflict, Reason and Reconciliation', Milano

In Milano, Italy. Conference 'Conflict, Reason and Reconciliation'. With Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (author of A Human Being Died that Night), Albie Sachs, and Robi Damelin, International Relations Director, The Parents Circle (Bereaved Parents), Israel and Palestine, from Tel Aviv. [04.2016]

# AKA Festival

Panel discussing translation at the AKA Festival, Amsterdam. Joost Nijsen (Etienne van Heerden's Amsterdam publisher), Ingrid Glorie (editor of Maandblad ZA), and Nicol Stassen of Protea Books.  Pictured is the Dutch edition of Klimtol. [04.2016]

# Milano

In Milano, Italy, at statue of Nelson Mandela. With John de Gruchy (University of Cape Town), Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (Stellenbosch University) and Robi Damelin, International Relations Director, The Parents Circle (Bereaved Parents), Israel and Palestine, from Tel Aviv. [04.2016]

# Milano

With Eddy van der Borght (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam) and Albie Sachs (Constitutional Court, SA), in Milano, Italy. [04.2016]

# Seminar on history and fiction

With Elleke Boehmer (University of Oxford) and Eep Francken (University of Leiden), at a seminar on history and fiction in Zuid-Afrika Huis, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [02.2016]

# Research in Amsterdam

Researching upcoming novel on the canals of Amsterdam. With Maurice Jorissen, member of Amsterdam Handhawing. [02.2016]

# Opening of Zuid-Afrika Huis

In the refurbished Zuid-Afrika Huis, Amsterdam, two days before the official opening. With Bun Booyens, editor of Cape daily Die Burger. The research centre was re-opened on Thursday, February 11th after extensive renovations. It houses the largest South African library outside SA's borders, offers seminars and discussions, is a home to researchers, and administers a large digital archive. [02.2016]

# Opening of Zuid-Afrika Huis

At the opening of Zuid-Afrika Huis, Amsterdam, with amongst others the South African ambassador to the Netherlands, Bruce Koloane (front row). [02.2016]

# Digital working seminar

Digital working seminar, Zuid-Afrika Huis, Amsterdam. Arjan Waayer (ZASM, senior legal council), Jan Donner (Chair Stichting ZASM and President Emeritus, Royal Tropical Institute), Guido van den Berg (Director, ZA Huis), Isabelle Vermeij (Events and Seminar Programmer, ZA Huis), Bun Booyens (Editor Die Burger), Ingrid Glorie (Editor Maandblad ZA), Bart Luirink (Chief Editor ZAM), Eurika Barnard (SASNEV) and Etienne van Heerden (University of Cape Town and Editor of LitNet) all participated. [02.2016]

# Budapest

Research trip to Budapest, Hungary. [02.2016]

# The Long Silence of Mario Salviati on kykNET

KykNET, SA TV channel, offered an episode on The Long Silence of Mario Salviati. Pictured is the cover of the latest Afrikaans edition of the novel. [01.2016]

# The Long Silence of Mario Salviati on kykNET

Lee-Ann van Rooi in the kykNET episode on The Long Silence of Mario Salviati. [01.2016]

# The Long Silence of Mario Salviati on kykNET

In kykNET's episode on The Long Silence of Mario Salviati. Actors Jana Cilliers, June van Merch and Nicole Holm. [01.2016]

# Olive Schreiner's grave

Visiting, with daughters Imke and Menán, Olive Schreiner's grave on Buffelskop, Cradock, South Africa. [12.2015]

# Visiting the Kamdebo

Visiting the Kamdebo, South Africa, for research. In the background: Toorberg (see Ancestral Voices). [12.2015]

# LitNet received an ATKV feather for “exceptional contribution to the art of the word”

The online community www.litnet.co.za (which includes peer-reviewed accredited academic research published in LitNet's node LitNet Akademies) received an ATKV feather for “exceptional contribution to the art of the word”. Here founder-editor Etienne van Heerden receives the “Veertjie” (Feather) from Japie Gouws, executive director of the ATKV. Photo: Naomi Bruwer [09.2015]

# Novelist and architect Yewande Omotoso attended Etienne van Heerden's MA Creative Writing seminar series

Novelist and architect Yewande Omotoso at Etienne van Heerden’s Master Class in Creative Writing, UCT; “The Writer as Architect”. [08.2015]

# Writer Athol Fugard attended Etienne van Heerden's MA Creative Writing seminar series

The great Athol Fugard offered a Master Class in Etienne van Heerden’s MA Creative Writing seminar series, UCT. [08.2015]

# Writer Pieter-Dirk Uys attended Etienne van Heerden's MA Creative Writing seminar series

Pieter-Dirk Uys as Pieter-Dirk Uys. At Etienne van Heerden’s Master Class in Creative Writing, UCT; “The Writer as Satirist”. [08.2015]

# Lien Botha (Wonderboom) and Debbie Loots (Split) published by NB Publishers

Lien Botha (Wonderboom) and Debbie Loots (Split). Both developed their novels working with Etienne van Heerden as supervisor in the University of Cape Town’s Creative Writing programme. Both published by NB Publishers, 2015. [08.2015]

# Great Novel Competition 2015

Etienne van Heerden was runner-up in the Great Novel Competition. The first prize of R200 000 went to Dan Sleigh for his manuscript Die laaste goeie man. The novels will be published later this year or in 2016. [07.2015]

# Toorwoorde at the Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival

TOORWOORDE (10:30 Sat 25 July) starts with a screening of the Karoo documentary (which also features Deon Meyer). Then there's loads of time to kuier with Etienne van Heerden and Coenie de Villiers, good friends and extraordinary creative talents. E-book on cradockfestivbalbookins@gmail.com. [07.2015]

# Paul Roos Gymnasium 150

"Each of us had a dream," singer-writer Koos Kombuis writes in Paul Roos Gymnasium 150, a publication marking the 150th year of this Stellenbosch school. Here, wearing a school cap, he sits with old classmate Etienne van Heerden during a visit back to the school. Etienne van Heerden contributed an essay to the book as well. [05.2015]

# Great Novel Competition 2015

The winner for the Great Novel Competition will be announced on May the 22nd, 2015. The shortlist of four consists of manuscripts by novelists Dan Sleigh, Marinda van Zyl, Alexander Strachan and Etienne van Heerden. The competition offers a first prize of R200 000. [05.2015]

# Etienne van Heerden in the TV series A Different World

In the TV series A Different World presenter Coenie de Villiers takes novelists Deon Meyer and Etienne van Heerden to the Karoo. The settings of novels such as Ancestral VoicesKikuyuThe Long Silence of Mario Salviati and In Love’s Place are visited. This is the promo video of the programme to be broadcast on Sunday May 10th, at 20h00 on DSTV Channel 144.   [05.2015]

# Klimtol review in the Dutch Literair Nederland

"Klimtol is een rijk boek, een boek met diverse hoofdpaadjes en veel kurkentrekkerpaadjes.’ Een prachtige, sfeervolle roman."

Read the complete review by Evert Woutersen in Literair Nederland.


# Die swye van Mario Salviati now on RSG

Etienne van Heerden's novel Die swye van Mario Salviati (in English translation: The Long Silence of Mario Salviati) is now being aired on RSG, read over a period of months by well-known actor Chris van Niekerk. Listen to the reading on Monday to Friday at 19:20 on RSG. [10.2014]

# Klimtol nominated for kykNET-Rapport Boekprys

Klimtol is one of three novels nominated for the fiction category of the kykNET-Rapport Boekpryse. The winner of the R200 000 award will be announced in Cape Town on  21 November. The other shortlisted novels are Valsrivier by Dominique Botha and Wolf, wolf by Eben Venter [10.2014]

# Photo: With interviewer Bettine Vriesekoop

With interviewer Bettine Vriesekoop, after interview on OBA Live, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [10.2014]

# Photo: Opening of the Week of the Afrikaans Novel

Opening of the Week of the Afrikaans Novel, OBA, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [10.2014]

# Photo: Signing Klimtol for a reader

Signing Klimtol for a reader in Boekhandel De Zondvloed, Mechelen, Belgium. [10.2014]

# Photo: Boekwinkel Krings

Before a presentation at Forum, Sittard, organized by Boekwinkel Krings with writers Kirby van der Merwe, Irma Joubert, Sonja Loots, Etienne van Heerden and Marita van der Vyver. [10.2014]

# Photo: Restaurant Tjing-Tjing

Etienne van Heerden reading in Restaurant Tjing-Tjing, De Pijp, Amsterdam, Netherlands, from a collection of poems on wine which he co-edited. The evening celebrated South African food, wine and literature. [10.2014]

# Photo: Translators of Etienne van Heerden's books

Translators of Etienne van Heerden's books: Karina van Santen and Martine Vosmaer (30 Nachten in Amsterdam and Klimtol) and Rob van der Veer (De Betoverde Berg). [10.2014]

# Photo: Symposium on literary translation

Symposium on literary translation, organized by the Expertisecentrum Literair Vertalen and the Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, at the library of the Nederlands Letterenfonds, Amsterdam. With publisher Joost Nijsen and novelist Sonja Loots. [10.2014]

# Photo: Being interviewed by Ingrid Glorie

Being interviewed by Ingrid Glorie in the Cultural Centre, Hoofddorp, Netherlands. [10.2014]

# Podcast of interview with Tineke de Nooij

Click here to listen to the podcast of an interview with Tineke de Nooij, Hilversum, Netherlands. [10.2014]

# Photo: Being interviewed by Ludo Helsen

Being interviewed by ex-governor of the Province of Antwerp, Ludo Helsen, at Heist-op-den-Berg, Beerzel-Putte, Belgium. [10.2014]

# Photo: Interview in Boekhandel De Zondvloed

Interview in Boekhandel De Zondvloed, Mechelen, Belgium, with Brussel FM's DJ Kim Ponsaerts, and South African novelist Marita van der Vyver. [10.2014]

# Photo: Interview in Mechelen

Being interviewed in Mechelen, Belgium, by Belgium daily De Standaard's Catherine Vuylsteke. Click here to download a PDF of the interview. [10.2014]

# Photo: Symposium on Afrikaans Literature

Groningen University, Netherlands, symposium on Afrikaans Literature. [10.2014]

# YouTube: The most beautiful Afrikaans poem of all times

During the closing manifesto of the Week of The Afrikaans novel, in The Hague, Netherlands, the public had the opportunity to vote for the most beautiful Afrikaans poem of all times. A poem by Breyten Breytenbach, nominated by Etienne van Heerden, collected the most votes. Herewith the YouTube video with the suggested poems read by the invited authors and translators, starting with a reading by a representative of the South African embassy. Van Heerden reads the winning poem at the end of the line-up (01:26).

(Tijdens de slotmanifestatie van de Week van de Afrikaanse literatuur, op vrijdag 26 september in Den Haag, kreeg het publiek de kans om het MOOISTE AFRIKAANSE GEDICHT ALLER TIJDEN te kiezen. De keuze viel op dít gedicht van Breyten Breytenbach, dat werd voorgedragen door Etienne van Heerden.) [10.2014]

# Photo: Symposium on South African Literature

At the University of Groningen, Netherlands, at a symposium on South African Literature. Writers Kirby van der Merwe, Irma Joubert, Marita van der Vyver, Etienne van Heerden and Sonja Loots. [10.2014]

# Photo: Boekhandel Van Gennep

Being interviewed in restaurant Viva Afrika, Rotterdam, Netherlands, during a book presentation organized by Boekhandel v/h Van Gennep, Rotterdam, Netherlands,
by interviewer Ingrid Glorie. [10.2014]

# Photo: Spui25

OBA, Amsterdam,  being interviewed onstage by Jeroen van Kan at the opening manifesto of
the Week of the Afrikaans Novel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [10.2014]

# Photo: Het spel vraagt om ernst

In Dutch daily Trouw's insert for books and culture – Klimtol review. [10.2014]

# Photo: Bookshop window

Shop window of Boekwinkel H. de Vries, Haarlem.

# Photo: Interview at Boekhandel De Vries

Interview at restaurant STAAL, Haarlem, Netherlands,
with interviewer Ingrid Glorie. [10.2014]

# Photo: Radio Interview on Klimtol in Hilversum

Radio Interview on Klimtol in Hilversum, Netherlands, with Tineke de Nooij, AKN.

# Photo: Symposium on Fiction and History

Symposium on Fiction and History, Regentenkamer, University of Leiden, Netherlands. Being interviewed by professor of Modern Dutch Literature Eep Francken and Ineke van Kessel of the Centre for African Studies. [10.2014]

# Photo: Tros Nieusshow

On Tros Nieuwsshow, Media Park, Hilversum, Netherlands (interview on Klimtol), with the members of the Dutch group Nits.

In studio, Tros Nieuwsshow, Mediapark, Hilversum, Netherlands.

# Photo: Interview in Roeselare's public library

In Belgium to talk about Klimtol – stage interview in Roeselare's public library, with Brussel FM's DJ Kim Ponsaerts and author Marita van der Vyver. [10.2014]

# Photo: Lunch meeting with the DBNL's Cees Klapwijk

Discussing co-operation between the DBNL and Etienne van Heerden's LitNet (www.litnet.co.za) - Lunch meeting with the DBNL's Cees Klapwijk in Den Haag, Netherlands. (De Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren is een website over de Nederlandse literatuur, taal en cultuurgeschiedenis. De site bevat literaire teksten, secundaire literatuur en aanvullende informatie als biografieën, portretten en hyperlinks, naast een groot aantal studies en primaire bronnen op het brede terrein van de Nederlands(talig)e cultuurgeschiedenis.)

# Photo: Joost Nijsen with Klimtol

Dutch publisher Joost Nijsen (Podium Publishers, Amsterdam) with Etienne van Heerden's 1964 Coca-Cola yo-yo and the Dutch edition of Klimtol. [10.2014]

# Interview in the Belgian daily De Standaard

Click here to download a PDF of the interview. [09.2014]

# Interview on the Tros Nieuwsshow

Ludo Helsen



Etienne van Heerden will be on the Tros Nieuwsshow, Hilversum, Netherlands, at 10:00 on Saturday, 20 September. This will be followed by, at 14h00, an interview with Ludo Helsen as interviewer in Beerzel-Putte, Belgium, in Huis Ter Speelbergen (bookings 0495-165-545). After this a reception with 40 Belgian librarians will take place.


# University tour, Netherlands and Belgium

Etienne van Heerden will be lecturing or presenting at the following universities in the Low Countries in September 2014:

23 September 13:30, University of Utrecht: Schrijvers en Vertalers - A symposium on the translation of literary texts

25 September 11:00, University of Utrecht, in the series Modern Intellectuals, a lecture on The Politics of Memory (enquiries Geert Buelens, 030-253-8093)

25 September 19:45, University of Groningen, in the series Spraakmakende Boeken (enquiries Margriet de Waal, 062-821-6257)

26 September 13:00: University of Leiden, a stage interview on Fiction and History (enquiries Yra van Dijk, Section Modern Dutch Literature)


# Bookshop events, Netherlands and Belgium

Etienne van Heerden will be in the following bookshops to talk about the Dutch edition of Klimtol:

20 September: Boekwinkel De Zondvloed, Belgium, 18:00
23 September: Boekwinkel Stevens, Hoofddorp, 20:00
24 September: Boekwinkel Krings, Sittard, 19:30
27 September: Boekhandel Van Gennep, Rotterdam, 13:00


# Opening of the Week of the Afrikaans Novel


Etienne van Heerden and other South African writers will be interviewed at the opening of the Week of the Afrikaans Novel, Spui25, Amsterdam, on Friday, September 19th 2014, at 20:00. Click here to book your seat.



Visit the Week of the Afrikaans Novel website for the complete programme.


# Klimtol's Belgian launch

Klimtol's Belgian launch will take place on Saturday, September 20th 2014, at 18:00, at Boekhandel De Zondvloed, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 70, Mechelen. Etienne van Heerden will be joined by author Marita van der Vyver and singer Willem Botha, who will be performing songs of Johannes Kerkorrel, Koos du Plessis and other South African songwriters. "Willem heeft speciaal voor deze gelegenheid zijn repertoire aangepast en we zullen hem op een heel nieuwe manier leren kennen: serieus en ingetogen…" [09.2014]

# Dutch translation of Klimtol to be launched in the Netherlands and Belgium in September 2014


The Dutch translation of Klimtol will be published in September 2014
by Podium Publishers.

# Fragment from the Dutch version of Klimtol

Fragment from the Dutch version of Klimtol on the website of Bookshop Athenaeum, Amsterdam.

# Writers Unlimited, The Hague, Netherlands, 26th of September 2014: Etienne van Heerden, Anne van Veen and others

Enig idee wat het favoriete gedicht is van president Zuma? U komt het te weten op vrijdagavond 26 september in de Centrale Bibliotheek in Den Haag: dan staat de Afrikaanstalige poëzie centraal. NRC-redacteur en kenner van de Zuid-Afrikaanse literatuur Toef Jaeger presenteert dit programma met schrijvers en liefhebbers van poëzie in het Afrikaans. En … een vertegenwoordiger van de Zuid-Afrikaanse regering komt langs met president Zuma's favoriet. 

Te gast zijn de Zuid-Afrikaanse schrijvers Etienne van Heerden, Sonja Loots, Kirby van der Merwe en Marita van der Vyver.Nederlanders die hun hart hebben verpand aan de Afrikaanse taal en poëzie zijn vertaler Robert Dorsman en romanschrijver Richard De Nooy, die opgroeide in Zuid-Afrika. Tineke de Nooij, bekend van radio en televisie, is groot liefhebber van het land en de taal en zij maakt ons deelgenoot van haar lievelingsgedicht. Zangeres en theatermaker Anne van Veen (dochter van Herman van Veen) zingt haar favoriete Zuid-Afrikaanse gedichten.   

Ook u, bezoeker van deze avond, kunt uw dierbaarste gedicht inbrengen. Het publiek heeft het laatste woord en kiest aan het eind van de avond het mooiste Afrikaanstalige gedicht aller tijden. 

Deze avond wordt georganiseerd door Writers Unlimited i.s.m. de Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag en de Week van de Afrikaanse roman.

Voertaal Afrikaans en Nederlands. Boekverkoop door Paagman bookshop in de zaal. 

Writers Unlimited The Series: Verkiezing van het mooiste Afrikaanstalige gedicht aller tijden
Vrijdag 26 september 20:30-22:00 uur, Centrale Bibliotheek, Studio B (eerste verdieping), Spui 68, Den Haag. Toegang € 10,- / € 6,- (leden Bibliotheek Den Haag, CJP, Ooievaarspas, studenten, klanten met aankoopbon Paagman). Reserveren aanbevolen via Writers Unlimited. [09.2014]

# Discussion on the translation of literary texts

Dutch publisher Joost Nijsen (Podium Publishers), novelist Etienne van Heerden, translator Riet de Jong-Goossens and several other writers and translators will meet in Amsterdam to discuss the translation of literary texts. A panel discussion chaired by Peter Bergsma. Programme:

Ontmoeting van schrijvers en vertalers

23 september 2014

13:30 Aanvang programma
Sprekers: Riet de Jong-Goossens, Ton Naaijkens, Dorien de Vries, Joost Nijsen
14:15 Gesprek tussen de auteurs en de aanwezige vertalers onder leiding van Peter Bergsma
15:00 Pauze
15:30 Vervolg gesprek
16:15 Uitreiking van de Erepenning van de Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns aan Riet de Jong-Goossens, door dr. Dioné Prinsloo. De laudatio zal worden voorgelezen door Bart de Graaff.
16:30 Borrel


Bibliotheek Nederlands Letterenfonds, Nieuwe Prinsengracht 89, 1018 VR Amsterdam


# Event: Celebrating South African writing, food and wine

Celebrating South African writing, food and wine. Restaurant Tjing-Tjing, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Monday 22 September, 18.30 for 19.00, 56-58 Cornelis Troost Street, Amsterdam. Bookings: 020-6760923.  Etienne van Heerden, Marita van der Vyver, Sonja Loots and Kirby van der Merwe will be sharing texts on food and wine. Master chef Michael Ricketts and wine expert Madri Victor, as well as singer Joep Pelt will be joining them in the celebration.

Tydens hierdie eksklusiewe expat-aand by die gesellige Suid-Afrikaanse restaurant TjingTjing in Amsterdam vertel vier Afrikaanse skrywers oor hulle gunsteling geregte en lees hulle snaakse, poëtiese en ontroerende kosstories voor uit eie en ander skrywers se werk.

Die Nederlandse sanger en liedjieskrywer Joep Pelt vertel oor sy reise deur Suid-Afrika en sy ontmoetings met ’n groot verskeidenheid Suid-Afrikaanse kunstenaars en musiekstyle. Natuurlik bring hy sy gitaar saam om ons ’n voorsmakie te gee!

Michael Ricketts het van die skrywers se gunsteling disse in die 4-gangmenu verwerk, en Madri Victor van De Wijnlijst het haar wynkeuse vir die aand met groot sorg hierop afgestem.

Die aanbieder vir die aand is die Suid-Afrikaans gebore filmmaker, toneelskrywer en akteur Gideon van Eeden.

4-gangmenu en bypassende wynkeuse

Kaaps-Maleise samoesas met kerrievis en uie
De Grendel Rosé
Biltong-uiesop met parmesaankaas croutons
Agaat Christina White Blend (Sauv Blanc, Nouvelle,Chenin Blanc & Viognier)
Geroosterde lamsboud met oondgeroosterde groentes, jong aartappels en stampmielies
Agaat John David (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz & Pinotage blend)
Sjokolade-malvapoeding met Amarulasous
Maison Straw Wine


Die prys vir die 4-gangmenu is € 20,-; vir die wynkeuse betaal u ’n ekstra € 15,- (4 glase). Dit is egter ook moontlik om wyn per bottel of per glas te bestel, en natuurlik hou TjingTjing altyd ook ’n wye verskeidenheid Suid-Afrikaanse biere, koeldranke en sappe aan.

Datum en tyd: Maandag 22 September, 18.30 uur vir 19.00 uur
Plek: Restaurant TjingTjing, Cornelis Trooststraat 56-58, 1072 JH Amsterdam
Reservering: Tel. 020-6760923 (t/m Vrydag 19 September)


# Klimtol is one of three novels nominated for the ATKV's Veertjie Awards

Klimtol is one of three novels nominated for the ATKV's Veertjie Awards. The other finalists are Vuurklip and ’n Man van min belang. The winner will be announced on Friday 12 September 2014. [09.2014]

# Die swye van Mario Salviati on RSG

Radio station RSG has announced that Etienne van Heerden's novel Die swye van Mario Salviati (in English translation: The Long Silence of Mario Salviati) will be aired shortly, read over a period of months by well-known actor Chris van Niekerk. More info upcoming. [09.2014]

# Writers Pieter-Dirk Uys and Lauren Beukes attended Etienne van Heerden's Master classes

Writers Pieter-Dirk Uys and Lauren Beukes attended Etienne van Heerden's Master classes for Fiction Writers at UCT's Creative Writing programme. Here they are pictured with the class of 2014. [09.2014]

# Research visit to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

Etienne van Heerden visited Kowloon and Hong Kong Island in July 2014, researching a novel he is currently working on. [09.2014]

# Etienne van Heerden on Dagbreek breakfast television about LitNet's online writers conference, Poolshoogte






# Dutch translation of Klimtol


The Dutch translation of Klimtol will be published in September
2014 in Amsterdam (Podium Publishers). [07.2014]

# Online conference

As editor of LitNet and LitNet Akademies, Etienne van Heerden is curating his third online writer's conference, the first being Briewe deur die lug in 2000, with authors such as Breyten Breytenbach and Jakes Gerwel participating. The proceedings were published in Briewe deur die lug (Tafelberg Publishers). The second multilingual conference, Young Writers, was opened in 2011 by Nelson Mandela, and authors such as Niq Mhlongo, Sonja Loots and Lauren Beukes participated. The third conference is now running and called Poolshoogte, which means 'checking the lay of the land'. Twenty years after the advent of democracy, Afrikaans academics, authors, translators, publishers and book journalists weigh in.
Follow it here.


# Etienne van Heerden at the 5th annual Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival

Novelists Etienne van Heerden and Deon Meyer will be at the 5th annual Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival in Cradock, 24 to 26 July 2014. Click here for more information. [06.2014]

# Etienne van Heerden won the WA Hofmeyr Award for Klimtol

Article in the Cape daily Die Burger.
Click here to read the article online.

The winners of the Media24 Boeke Awards were announced on Friday 6 June in Cape Town.

Photo: Etienne van Heerden (WA Hofmeyr Award), SA Partridge (MER Award), Dominique Botha (Jan Rabie Rapport Award), Linda Rhode (MER Award) and Irina Filatova (Recht Malan Award)


# Gauteng daily Beeld on the UJ Prize for literature shortlist

"Op die kortlys van die UJ-prys vir skeppende skryfwerk in Afrikaans sê swaargewigte in die Afrikaanse letterkunde mekaar die stryd aan."
Click here to read the article online.

# Klimtol shortlisted for UJ Prize

Klimtol shortlisted for the University of Johannesburg Prize for Literature 2013 [06.2014]

# Cape daily Die Burger on the WA Hofmeyr Award's shortlist


"Drie Tafelberg-boeke kom vanjaar vir die WA Hofmeyr-prys vir fiksie teen mekaar te staan.

"Op die kortlys ding Kerneels Breytenbach en Deon Opperman se Donkerland mee met Etienne van Heerden se Klimtol en Eben Venter se Wolf, wolf. Al die wenners van die Media24-boekpryse word op 6 Junie bekend gemaak."

Click here to read the article online.


# Klimtol nominated for the Huisgenoot Tempo Award

Klimtol has been nominated, together with five other novels, for the Huisgenoot Tempo Award for best novel in 2014. Vote here! [05.2014]

# Essay on Klimtol


Sociologist Desmond Painter writes an essay on the theory of play in Klimtol. Read it here.

# Etienne van Heerden at the Week of the Novel, The Netherlands and Belgium (September 2014)

Etienne van Heerden has been invited to the Netherlands and Belgium for the Week of the Novel
in September 2014. More particulars here.

# Klimtol – shortlisted for the WA Hofmeyr Award


Klimtol by Etienne van Heerden has been shortlisted for the WA Hofmeyr Award, along with Eben Venter's Wolf, wolf and Donkerland by Kerneels Breytenbach and Deon Opperman.

# Deborah Steinmair interviews Etienne van Heerden at the Klein Karoo Arts Festival, Oudtshoorn


# ABSA KKNK: Interview about Klimtol

Etienne van Heerden will be in conversation with Deborah Steinmair about Klimtol at the ABSA KKNK Festival in Oudtshoorn, 1 April 2014.

Click here for more information.

# In Love's Place on Cape Times 2013 Best Read list

Read the article here. [02.2014]

# Review in Aerodrome: In Love's Place

Gareth Langdon reviews In Love's Place in Aerodrome

"In Love’s Place is an incredibly satisfying and thoroughly local read." – Gareth Langdon, Aerodrome


# Dutch reviewer Hans Ester reviews Klimtol from the Netherlands

Read the article here. [02.2014]

# US Woordfees 2014: Interview

Click here to book for the following event:


# Etienne van Heerden attended the Living Legends meeting

Etienne van Heerden attended the December 2013 Living Legends meeting of old boys at Paul Roos Gimnasium, Stellenbosch and is seen here with, among others, Springbok rugby legends Jannie Engelbrecht and Hempies du Toit, artists/singers Porchie and Koos Kombuis, business leader Michael Jordaan, and newspaper editors Waldimar Pelser (of the Sunday newspaper Rapport) and Bun Booyens (of the Cape daily Die Burger). The popular TV magazine programme Kwêla (kykNET on DStv) flighted a documentary on this reunion during the week of 22 January 2014. [01.2014]

# Etienne van Heerden visited Amsterdam

Etienne van Heerden visited Amsterdam, Netherlands, in Januarie 2014. It was a working visit, for research purposes, and for discussions with his translators and his publisher. Here he is, in Amsterdam, with the Afrikaans poet Breyten Breytenbach (left) and (right) his research associate from Utrecht, Erik van den Bergh. [01.2014]

# Etienne van Heerden contributed to a festschrift

Etienne van Heerden, together with academics from Europe and South Africa, contributed to a festschrift in honour of University of Leiden's Professor Eep Francken, who is retiring in 2014. Van Heerden was the first Resident Writer from Africa at the University of Leiden and at the time delivered the Albert Verwey lectures. The Festschrift is called Zo ver & zo dichtbij and was published by the Zuid-Afrikahuis. It contains the Dutch version of Van Heerden's short story "Gifkaroo". [01.2014]

# Klimtol: Interview with Corli du Toit

With reference to Etienne van Heerden's latest novel Klimtol (a klimtol is a yo-yo), LitNet's Naomi Meyer interviewed South African Corli du Toit, the 2012 European Yo-Yo champion (Ladies Division). Klimtol will be published by Podium in Amsterdam in the summer of 2014. Read the interview here. [01.2014]

# Etienne van Heerden's poem on Nelson Mandela's passing

Etienne van Heerden's poem on Nelson Mandela's passing was published in Belgium and the Netherlands, in the leading dalies Trouw (Amsterdam) and De Standaard (Antwerp). Here is the first two pages of the Dutch version of four pages in Holland's Trouw magazine insert on the Saturday before Mandela's funeral. The translation was done by Van Heerden's Dutch translators Martine Vosmaer and Karina van Santen. Click here for an enlargement of the first portion of the poem. Read the complete poem here. [12.2013]

# US Woordfees 2014: Interview

Etienne van Heerden will be in conversation with Bibi Slippers about Klimtol at the US Woordfees Literary Festival in Stellenbosch, 10 March 2014.

Click here for more information.


# Interview about Klimtol in the Cape daily Die Burger

Read the interview here. [12.2013]

# Review in Sunday Argus: In Love's Place

Beverley Roos-Muller reviews In Love's Place in Sunday Argus, November 3, 2013.

"Leon de Kock’s well-crafted translation from the original Afrikaans publication In stede van die liefde (2005) captures Van Heerden’s muscular language and enables English-language readers an opportunity to once again savour the author’s extraordinary talent. … This is a simply superb rendition by one of Africa’s greatest writers. It’s hard to overestimate just how impressive it is. Very highly recommended." – Beverley Roos-Muller, Sunday Argus

Click here for an enlargement of the review.


# The Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award for Haai Karoo

Etienne van Heerden received the Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award at the 2013 SALA Awards at Museum Africa, Newtown, Johannesburg, for his collection Haai Karoo. Here he is with Nadine Gordimer and Mduduzi Mbada. (Photo: The wRite Associates) [11.2013]

# Interview in Country Life

Click here for an enlargement of the interview.


# Photos: Klimtol launch

Etienne van Heerden's novel Klimtol was launched at Graffiti Books, Lynwood Bridge, Pretoria. More photos here. [10.2013]

# Daybreak breakfast TV interview with Etienne van Heerden, Johannesburg


# Book launch: Klimtol – Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Stellenbosch

Bloemfontein launch

Wednesday, 23 October 2013
18:30 for 19:00
Exclusive Books, Loch Logan Waterfront, Bloemfontein

RSVP: lochlogan@exclusivebooks.co.za

Pretoria launch

Thursday, 24 October 2013
18:00 for 18:30
Graffiti bookshop, Lynnwood Bridge, Pretoria

RSVP: lynnwood@graffitibooks.co.za

Stellenbosch launch

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
18:00 for 18:30
De Oewer, Aan de Wagen Weg, Stellenbosch

RSVP: bernadine.fourie@nb.co.za

# Interview in Beeld: Klimtol

Rudolf Stehle interviews Etienne van Heerden. [10.2013]

Wanneer en waar het jy jou eerste jojo gekry? 

1964. Die Coca-Cola-rooibaadjiemanne het die dorp ingery en in die Vic ingeboek. Toe stap hulle na die kroeg waar Bobby Greenblatt van die Papegaaiplaas gereeld met sy perd ingery het en sê: “Ons karre se boots is vol yo-yo’s. Elke skoolkind gaan ene kry.” Ek aanvaar nou dit was elke wit seuntjie. Ek dink die skooldogters en al die swart kinders is verbygegaan. Die volgende oggend was hulle op die verhoog in die skoolsaal en daardie pouse staan ons op die klipperige speelgrond van “Boizaai”, Cradock, en probeer met die spinballetjies triek.

# Interview in MyTyd: Klimtol

Cover of Rapport's MyTyd on Sunday 13 October 2013


Bibi Slippers interviews Etienne van Heerden. [10.2013]

"Wat my interesseer is die tussengebied, tussen werk en speel. Dis ’n spel, maar dis baie ernstig. Dit verg harde werk, dit verg oefening, dit verg verskriklike toewyding en konsentrasie. Dit verg ook die gewilligheid om iets anders te doen, buite die konvensionele. Dis die ontdekking van daai ding wat speel is, maar dis harde werk. Dit het struktuur. Ek dink skryf is die vernaamste vorm van klimtolgooi vir my in hierdie stadium. Elke boek is asof jy opnuut ’n triek uitdink. Dit help nie jy steek vas by die ou trieks nie. Jy moet in elke boek opnuut die vermoë van die klimtol ontdek. En dan natuurlik die groot risiko wat gepaardgaan met spel. Baie van die dinge wat ek doen, is vir my in die buurt van ernstig speel, in die sin van eksperimenteel wees."

# Interview in Rapport: Klimtol

Cover of Rapport's book section on Sunday 6 October 2013

Annemarié van Niekerk interviews Etienne van Heerden on Klimtol. [10.2013]

"Ek het in baie van my vorige boeke al ’n “derde ruimte” ondersoek – met ZanSpeak (Susan de Melker se taal) in 30 Nagte in Amsterdam, asook Tante Zan se siekte, “die agtste kleur”, haar vermommings en leefwyse.

"Dalk is Klimtol my mees indringende ondersoek na ThirdSpace. In my kop is dit ’n breë en dalk ’n ietwat slordige begrip en ek weet nie of ander mense daarby aanklank sal vind nie, maar vir my skep die magiese realisme as vertelmodus byvoorbeeld ’n derde ruimte – tussen die magie en realiteit.

"Dis wat Toorberg, Die swye van Mario Salviati en Die stoetmeester ondersoek. Die floubokspesie ­Timidus Caper in Die stoetmeester se habitat is byvoorbeeld die derde ruimte.

"Nou, met Klimtol, met die verkenning van “werkspeel” as ruimte vir die “gooi” of “die triek” van die klimtolspeler, is die ThirdSpace die plek waarin Ludo Loeloeraai hom ingooi wanneer hy triek. En, natuurlik (sonder om die storie “weg te gee”) – dis die ruimte wat Snaartjie Windvogel teen wil en dank bewoon."

# Reviews: Klimtol

Willie Burger reviews Klimtol in Die Burger, Beeld, Volksblad. [10.2013]

"Van Heerden is ’n stilis wat deurgaans met die taal speel soos Ludo klimtol speel. Hy ken al die trieks van vertel en benut hulle effektief." – Willie Burger


Annemarié van Niekerk reviews Klimtol in Die Burger, Beeld, Volksblad. [10.2013]

"Van Heerden se Klimtol is ’n pragtige, oortuigende en onthutsende roman met elemente van die speurverhaal, ’n verhaal oor die hardepad wat die lewe soms met mens loop, maar ook oor spel en ekstase, en die plek waar mens jouself vind as jy jouself verloor … daardie plek waar jy jou rede laat skietgee en blindelings vertrou. Dit is ’n konfronterende roman oor oorlewing, skuld en boete (individueel en gemeenskaplik), oor medepligtigheid en medemenslikheid. Klimtol, een van die hoogtepunte in Van Heerden se oeuvre, is boonop ’n mooi ode aan die eenvoud van die vissersdorplewe en die Weskus." – Annemarié van Niekerk

# Haai Karoo nominated for the Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award

The nominees for the 2013 South African Literary Awards (SALA) have been announced by the wRite associates in partnership with the Department of Arts and Culture.

Haai Karoo by Etienne van Heerden was nominated for the Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award

Read more about the 2013 SALA Awards. [10.2013]

# Review: In Love's Place

Izak de Vries reviews In Love's Place in Rapport. [10.2013]

"Wanneer ’n heruitgawe verskyn, of ’n getroue vertaling, kan die leser vra: Is die teks steeds relevant? In Love’s Place is. Christian, wat steeds weghardloop van ’n leuen omtrent sy atletiekloopbaan, se wroeging is vandag nog geldig; sy soeke na eiewaarde en aanvaarding, sy stryd met bendes, dwelms en die geweld van armoede, alles bly pynlik nóú." – Izak de Vries, "In Engels in 2013 so puik as in Afrikaans in 2005", Rapport

# TV ad for Etienne van Heerden's novel Klimtol


# Review: Klimtol

Louise Viljoen reviews Klimtol on LitNet. [10.2013]

"Dit is ’n volkome oortuigende en meevoerende roman waarin die skrywerslens oopgestel word vir ’n wye spektrum van menslike ervaring, maar daar ook erkenning gegee word aan die behoefte om terug te keer na ’n ruimte van oorsprong, of dit nou dié van die gesin of die eerste bron van inspirasie is."
– Louise Viljoen, LitNet

# App for LitNet Akademies

Etienne van Heerden's LitNet has developed an iOS app for delivery of accredited academic articles published in its node for academic essays, LitNet Akademies. Fields covered are the Humanities, Law, the Natural Sciences and Religious Studies. The app includes a channel for online seminars, videoclips, interviews and other material which LitNet generates to enhance accredited research. The articles are in Afrikaans, and include lengthy abstracts in the English language.

Download the application here.


# Review: In Love's Place

Margaret von Klemperer reviews In Love's Place in The Witness. [09.2013]

"There are moments when In Love’s Place has the pace of a thriller, but it is much more than that. In its often funny and often frightening world, which is a skewed version of the one we think we know, it is a profound look at damaged and dislocated people in a damaged society, where human trafficking and drugs take their toll, where the past continues to haunt the present and where no one can be certain where they really belong."
– Margaret von Klemperer, The Witness

# Review: In Love's Place


Fiona Snyckers reviews In Love's Place in the Times Live. [09.2013]

"The layers of plot overlap one another as tightly as artichoke leaves. But in the hands of a master plotter, they never get tangled or confused. In Love's Place is, above all, an engrossing read. As you begin to sense the strands that link the characters together, you will turn the pages faster to find out how their destinies intersect." – Fiona Snyckers, Times Live

# Klimtol merchandise

Etienne van Heerden's latest novel, Klimtol, will be launched soon. Tafelberg Publishers commissioned the merchandise. [09.2013]

# Photo: War Memorial, Bloemfontein

With researchers and student leaders at the War Memorial, Bloemfontein, after a workshop on "Contemporary German and Afrikaner Cultural Responses to Issues of Trauma, Reconciliation and Reparation", funded by the British Academy. This followed on Etienne van Heerden's presentation on The Politics of Memory, a Personal Narrative at Prof. Gobodo-Madikizela's Research Centre on Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation the previous day. The presentation formed part of the University of the Free State's Dialogue between Science and Society (DbSS) series. From left to right, with students: Prof André Wessels, Senior Professor and Chair, Department of History, UFS, Prof Stuart Taberner, Professor of Contemporary German Literature, Culture and Society (University of Leeds), Dr Matthew Boswell (University of Leeds), Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Senior Research Professor, UFS, Dr Cilliers van den Berg, School of Languages and Literatures, UFS, Mr Wilhelm Verwoerd, University of Stellenbosch, Dr Johann Rossouw, Department of Philosophy, UFS, Prof Etienne van Heerden, Hofmeyr Professor, School of Languages and Literatures, University of Cape Town, Mr Gerald Makamba (workshop co-ordinator) and Dr Helen Finsch, University of Leeds. [09.2013]

# Interview on SAfm


Etienne van Heerden interviewed on his writing by Nancy Richards in the radio programme SAfm 104-107 Literature - Sunday 15th September 2013 (13h10 - 13h40). [09.2013]

# Review in Cape Times: In Love's Place

Click here for an enlargement of the review by Ken Barris. [09.2013]

# Review in Pretoria News: In Love's Place


# Etienne van Heerden on the Politics of Memory


# New novel: Klimtol

Etienne van Heerden's new novel, Klimtol, will be published by Tafelberg Publishers at the end of September 2013. Cover photograph by Cape Town photographer Antonia Steyn. [09.2013]

# Review: In Love's Place

Michiel Heyns reviews In Love's Place in the Sunday Times. [09.2013]

"It has been said that a novelist can achieve the universal only through an intimate knowledge of the particular, and Van Heerden's distinction lies in his supreme command of the particular, the local, the national, which he can then, with no sense of strain, extend to the larger themes relating his novels to an international context.

"The inventiveness of his language presents a daunting challenge to a translator, a challenge that Leon de Kock's agile translation readily meets. IN LOVE'S PLACE, through this translation, becomes a valuable addition to South African literature in English." – Michiel Heyns, Sunday Times (SA)

# Launch: Cape Town launch – In Love's Place

Etienne van Heerden, Michiel Heyns and Mervyn Sloman at the launch of Van Heerden's novel In Love's Place, Book Lounge, Cape Town. [08.2013]

# In Love's Place joins its Penguin siblings

In Love's Place joins its Penguin siblings: Ancestral Voices, Leap Year and 30 Nights in Amsterdam. [08.2013]

# Launch: Cape Town launch – In Love's Place

# First chapter: In Love's Place

Read the first chapter of Etienne van Heerden's novel In Love's Place here. [08.2013]

"The car’s sitting on his backside. The light bores into Christian’s rear-view mirror, splashing onto his face. He puts his foot down, pushing the small BMW to its limit, but the rat-car stays right there, on his bumper. Suddenly, with the assurance of practice, the car swerves into the lane for oncoming traffic and pulls into position next to Christian. He feels panic pounding in his chest. The car pulls slightly ahead of the BMW, but doesn’t swerve into the space in front of Christian as an overtaking car would. It keeps on racing ahead in the wrong lane. On the back window, in letters that are ornamental and provocative, he reads: Don’t fuck with me.

"The car pulls back next to Christian again so that the two vehicles ride next to each other. The tinted window rolls down. In the passenger seat the young man is wearing dark glasses and a red bandana around his forehead. From his sleeveless top a lean and muscular upper arm emerges, on which a dragon, tattooed across the bulge of the deltoid, rears up on hindlegs.

"Suddenly a revolver appears. Black, light blinking against it. The BMW’s front windscreen shatters. Flecks of glass fly against his face, flowing past his throat. Bright red crystals fanning out in the glow of brake lights. It’s as if he’s just driven into a swarm of bees."

# Launch: Eastern Cape launch – In Love's Place

The Eastern Cape launch of Etienne van Heerden's novel In Love's Place will take place on 10 August 2013 at the 2013 Schreiner Karoo Writer's Festival in Cradock. The novel was translated into English by University of Stellenbosh Professor of English Leon de Kock. [08.2013]

# Review: Gifkaroo

Susan Smith reviews Etienne van Heerden's Gifkaroo/Poison Karoo.

"Of hierdie teks lewens, perspektiewe en beleid sal verander, sal die tyd leer. Of dit die bedoelde lesers sal bereik, is onseker. Wat seker is, is dat Gifkaroo jou nie onaangeraak laat nie. Miskien sal daar later teruggekyk word na hierdie teks as die moment in die Suid-Afrikaanse letterkunde wat bedoel was om uitdagings in die oë te kyk."

# Gallery: The Karoo, Van Heerden's landscape of the mind

New gallery: The Karoo — Van Heerden's landscape of the mind.
Photographs by Imke and Menán van Heerden [07.2013]

# Forthcoming in October 2013: Klimtol

(Photos: Imke van Heerden)

Etienne van Heerden's upcoming novel, Klimtol (Yo-yo in English), has been accepted for publication in Dutch in 2014 (Podium Publishers, Amsterdam, Netherlands). The Afrikaans edition will be published by Tafelberg Publishers in October 2013. It is a novel about play. Here he throws a few tricks in Amsterdam. [06.2013]

# Felix Poetry Festival, Antwerp, Belgium

Belgian novelist Johan de Boose conducted an interview with Etienne van Heerden in the Library of Permeke, Coninck Square, Antwerp, Belgium, at the Felix Poetry Festival. [06.2013]

# Visit to Europe, June 2013

In June 2013 Etienne van Heerden visited several countries to contribute to literary festivals and for talks with publishers and translators. He read the page proofs of In Love's Place (a novel about slippage in cities such as Johannesburg and New York, Berlin and Harare and Lahti and Antwerp) in Istanbul. [06.2013]

# Forthcoming in September 2013: In Love's Place

The final jacket of Etienne van Heerden's In Love's Place, to be published by Penguin in September 2013. [06.2013]

# Literary Festival, The Hague, Netherlands

(Photo: Imke van Heerden)

During the opening night of the "Festival voor het Afrikaans" in the Theatre on the Spui in The Hague, Netherlands, Etienne van Heerden performed with David Kramer and Schalk Joubert; he read the endings of three of his novels (Ancestral Voices, Kikuyu and 30 Nights in Amsterdam) and they improvised. Here they are performing the dance sequence of 30 Nights in Amsterdam: the kwela, the foxtrot, the jive, the cha-cha, the twist and the two-step ... [06.2013]

# Literary Festival, The Hague, Netherlands

At the Festival voor Afrikaans in The Hague, Netherlands, Annemarie van Niekerk conducted a stage interview with Etienne van Heerden, discussing, amongst other topics, his upcoming novel, Klimtol (Yo-yo). On the table, an original Russel yo-yo from the sixties. [06.2013]

At the Festival for Afrikaans in the Theatre on the Spui, The Hague, Netherlands, some of the invited artists and organisers on stage. Writer Etienne van Heerden, front right. [06.2013]

# Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp, Belgium

Etienne van Heerden wil contribute to the Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, on 12th June 2013. From the festival's website: Om het met de woorden van Simon Vinkenoog te zeggen: ‘Poëzie dient onverbiddelijk te zijn, of niet.’ Het nieuwe Felix Poetry Festival wil onverbiddelijk elk jaar het beste uit de wereld van de poëzie brengen, uit binnen- en buitenland. Zo divers het genre is, zo gevarieerd is het programma. Dichters en songsmeden, oude rotten en jong geweld, internationale gasten en woordkunstenaars van eigen bodem, het serieuze werk naast speelse performances, beeld en geluid. More details here. [05.2013]

# Gifkaroo/Poison Karoo

Poet Isobel Dixon signing a copy of Gifkaroo/Poison Karoo – she translated Van Heerden's Afrikaans into English. Non-commercial publication, limited and numbered edition. 100 signed (by Van Heerden and Dixon) copies, protesting fracking in the Karoo. Not for sale. [05.2013]

# Afrikaans Festival in The Hague

Etienne van Heerden will contribute to the Afrikaans Festival in The Hague, Netherlands,
14–16 June 2013. More details here. [04.2013]

# Forthcoming in September 2013: In Love's Place

In Love's Place, Leon de Kock's translation of Etienne van Heerden's novel In stede van die liefde, upcoming in September 2013, Penguin. [04.2013]

# Forthcoming in September 2013: Klimtol

Etienne van Heerden's new Afrikaans novel is titled Klimtol,  Afrikaans for yo-yo. It will be published in September 2013 (Tafelberg Publishers, Cape Town). Here Van Heerden is holding an original Russel yo-yo from the 1960's. [04.2013]

# Article on www.maandbladzuidafrika.nl

Dutch translator Martine Vosmaer reflects on her translation of Etienne van Heerden's Poison Karoo [04.2013]

# Article in De Gids

"Gifkaroo" in the Dutch literary journal De Gids [03.2013]

# 2nd Karoo Development Conference

At the 2nd Karoo Development Conference, organised by the Universities of the Free State and Pretoria, Beaufort West, 14 October 2012. [10.2012]

# Interview on Kwêla, kykNET

With interviewer Coenie de Villiers on the Kwêla TV programme, discussing LitNet Akademies, the 2nd Karoo Development Conference, hydraulic fracking and Haai Karoo. [10.2012]

# "Poison Karoo" in the USA

"Words Without Borders" are carrying "Poison Karoo" (translated from the original Afrikaans into English by Isobel Dixon) in their current issue:

"This month we explore the role of oil in the international landscape. Oil transforms nations, links disparate political and social ideologies, breeds conflict, and drives governmental and corporate policy; our writers show how this force, both blessing and curse, shapes lives and literature around the world. We begin with an essay by political scientist Michael L. Ross connecting oil wealth and national development. Russian Booker nominee and award-winning short-story writer Alexander Snegiryov presents the (show) business of oil in Russia.

"In two graphic pieces, Lebanon's Mazen Kerbaj mourns what's left of his pillaged country, and Italy's Davide Reviati grows up in the shadow of Ravenna's ominous petrochemical plant. Translator Peter Theroux shows how Abdelrahman Munif's great Cities of Salt runs on oil. Afrikaans star Etienne van Heerden's solitary South African experiences hydrofracking firsthand, while science fiction writer Andreas Eschbach's stolid loner taps a sixth sense for oil. In two tales of oil workers, Argentina's María Sonia Cristoff and Germany's Anja Kampmann explore solitude, madness, and other occupational hazards. And poet Stephen E. Kekeghe protests the draining of Nigeria." [10.2012]

# Joint seminar on "The Writer as Satirist"

Pieter-Dirk Uys visited Etienne van Heerden's MA Creative Writing class at UCT, offering a seminar on the Writer as Satirist. Other participants in 2012's second semester include Michiel Heyns (“The Writer as Translator"), Lauren Beukes (“The Writer as Futurist"), Deon Meyer (“The Writer as Detective”) and Leon de Kock (“The Writer as would-be Lover”). Apart from the seminars with invited writers, Van Heerden workshops flash fiction/sudden fiction texts and short stories written by the students (and inspired by the presentations by the visiting writers). In addition, he offers lectures on narrative strategies. [10.2012]

# Book chat with Tim Huisamen

At the Haai Karoo launch in Stellenbosch (at Protea Boekehuis) Tim Huisamen conducted the interview with Etienne van Heerden. [09.2012]

# Greetings from Cradock

Old friend Obie Oberholzer visited Market Street, Cradock, and came up with this satirical self-portrait in typical Oberholzer style. [09.2012]

# The fracking of your private pain

Courtesy Die Burger – read the interview with Erns Grundling here. [09.2012]

# At the Open Book Festival

Etienne van Heerden with fellow novelist André Brink at the launch of Van Heerden's short story collection Haai Karoo at the Open Book Festival, Fugard Theatre, Cape Town (photo: Chrizane van Zyl). [09.2012]

# Book signing

Etienne van Heerden signing a copy of Haai Karoo for ex-student René Penderis (photo: Chrizane van Zyl). [09.2012]

# Haai Karoo will be launched at the Open Book Festival, Fugard Theatre, Cape Town


# Read Poison Karoo

“Poison Karoo” is a chapter from Etienne van Heerden’s novel about a yo-yo champion, to be published in March 2013 by Tafelberg Publishers.

The English translation of Gifkaroo is by Isobel Dixon, whose poems about the Karoo are included in her collections The Tempest Prognosticator (2011), A Fold in the Map (2007) and Weather Eye (2001), which was awarded the Olive Schreiner Prize in 2004. She grew up in Graaff-Reinet.

Poison Karoo is a work of fiction, written as if commercial hydraulic fracking has already begun in the Karoo. [08.2012]

# Reviews of Wilna Adriaanse's ’n Klein lewe

Dineke Volschenk: Net 'n gewone lewe, smag sy

Elbie Adendorff: ’n Klein lewe allesbehalwe klein

Corina van der Spoel: Oor menswees tussen ander

Saartjie Botha: ’n Reis na begrip

(’n Klein lewe was completed under the supervision of Etienne van Heerden as part of UCT's Creative Writing programme). [08.2012]

# The explainer advertisement for LitNet and LitNet Akademies

Watch this video and you'll be an expert on how LitNet works in no time.  [08.2012]

# The latest LitNet advertisement

Entertainer David Kramer was seen in the LitNet television ad – with Peter-Dirk Uys, André P. Brink, Etienne van Heerden and others. [08.2012]

# Featherman comes to life

With sculptor Frans Boekkooi and 'Featherman', Boekkooi's depiction of the Angel in Etienne van Heerden's novel The Long Silence of Mario Salviati. At the 2012 Karoo Writers Festival, Cradock. [08.2012]

# LitNet at the Karoo Writers Festival

The LitNet team at the Karoo Writers Festival 2012 presented the LitNet Schools Indaba and the panel 'Cultural Crossover: Is it happening?' In the picture: Etienne van Heerden, Bibi Slippers (LitNet), Russel Kaschula (Director of the School of Languages, University of Rhodes, and author), EKM Dido (the first black woman to publish an Afrikaans novel) and (seated) Peter Mtuze, author and former Head of African Languages at Rhodes University. [08.2012]

# Book launch

The Karoo launch of Etienne van Heerden’s short story collection Haai Karoo will take place at the Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival in Cradock on Friday, 10 August at 19h00, Victoria Manor, Mark Street. [08.2012]

# Publication to protest fracking in the Karoo: Gifkaroo

Author Etienne van Heerden, London literary agent and poet Isobel Dixon (Weather Eye, The Tempest Prognosticator) and photographer Obie Oberholzer are working together on a publication to protest fracking in the Karoo. Van Heerden donated the original Afrikaans story, Gifkaroo (a chapter from a forthcoming novel), Dixon translated it for free (Poison Karoo), and Oberholzer contributed a photograph. Gifkaroo / Poison Karoo will be the first publication of Houtstraat Uitgewers, a niche publishing house in Cape Town. A limited, signed print run of only 100 copies will be presented to key players in the petroleum industry and other parties. The book will not be for sale. [06.2012]

# Honorary Doctor Litterarum

The University of the Free State presented Etienne van Heerden with a honorary Doctor Litterarum, or DLitt, at its winter graduation ceremony on 15 June 2012. Here he is with the Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the UFS, Jonathan Jansen. Read more here. [06.2012]

At the UFS Graduation ceremony in June 2012 in Bloemfontein - with Prof Hennie van Coller (left) and Judge Ian van der Merwe, Chairperson of the UFS Council.

# Supporting emerging writers

Wilna Adriaanse's 'n Klein lewe, the manuscript of which was completed under the supervision
of Etienne van Heerden as part of UCT's Creative Writing programme,
has just been published by Tafelberg Publishers. [06.2012]

# Etienne van Heerden in Bloemfontein

In the office of Hennie van Coller, Head of Afrikaans, Dutch, German and French at the University of the Free State. The skull used to sit on the desk of the great Sestiger novelist, Etienne (Stephen) Leroux. On the right is a painting of DF Malherbe, a novelist of an even earlier generation. Van Heerden was invited to talk about LitNet and its accredited node for peer-reviewed academic writing in the Humanities, Law and the Natural Sciences, LitNet Akademies. [06.2012]

# Novel supervised by Etienne van Heerden wins UJ Debut Prize

A novel supervised by Etienne van Heerden in the MA Creative Writing programme at UCT wins the University of Johannesburg Debut Prize for South African Writing in English.

# Upcoming: 30 Nights in Amsterdam in Latvian

30 Nights in Amsterdam in Latvian, published by Jumava Publishers. [06.2012]

# Forthcoming in August 2012: Haai Karoo

Haai Karoo (Tafelberg Publishers) is an Afrikaans collection of short stories set in the Karoo. It will be launched at the 2012 Schreiner Literary Festival in Cradock (for further info, contact Lisa Antrobus Ker at lisa@tuishuise.co.za). The stories were previously published in earlier Van Heerden volumes and one of the texts, "Die gas in Rondawel Wilhelmina" was at the time published by the Dutch Anti-Apartheid organisation Kairos. "Haai" means "bleak", "barren" and "inhospitable". Most of these stories were published in French, Hebrew, Dutch and other languages. [05.2012]

# Etienne van Heerden in Amsterdam

Staying as guest of the Dutch Foundation for Literature on the Spui in Amsterdam for the month of February 2012, Van Heerden researched and worked on a new novel.
[Netherlands: Amsterdam, 02.2012]

# Masters Class in Literary Translation

Etienne van Heerden will offer a Masters Class in Literary Translation at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands and his Dutch translator, Martine Vosmaer, will also contribute.

Click here for more information.

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# Lecture: 30 Nights in Amsterdam

Writers Unlimited: The Series, The Hague, Netherlands
This lecture: 30 Nights in Amsterdam
Lecture, Central Library, The Hague - 24 February 2012, 20h30 to 22h00

Writers Unlimited (formerly "Winternachten") offers a series of conversations with authors: "Writers Unlimited: The Series" and in the 4th event Etienne van Heerden will discuss his latest novel with Jeroen van Kan (VPRO radio programme De Avonden) en the chief editor of ZAM Magazine, Bart Luirink.

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# New inter-review

# New reviews

  • Athenaeum Boekhandel: De sluizen van herinnering [Netherlands: Amsterdam, 05.01.2012]
  • “Van Heerden schepte bovendien voor de gekte van Zan een idioom dat haar een personage maakt dat zijn weerga in de moderne literatuur bijna niet kent. De oplopende stadia van haar ‘vervoering’ worden gespiegeld in haar steeds extatischer taal. Spreekt Zan in normale doen al kleurrijk, als zij een aanval krijgt gaat het hele taalregister open. De leestekens vallen weg, de associaties en verwijzingen buitelen over elkaar heen – u las het hierboven al. Een pluim voor Karina van Santen en Martine Vosmaer, de vertalers die haar (en dus Van Heerden) hebben kunnen bijbenen, hoed af voor deze beste roman van 2011.”
    – Mark-Edward Schaap

  • www.iedereenleest.be: 30 Nachten in Amsterdam
    [Belgium: Antwerp, 06.01.2012]

    “Het jaar 2011 sloot ik heel waardig af met een verbijsterend knap boek van Etienne van Heerden (1954), 30 Nachten in Amsterdam.”
    – André Oyen

# Dutch Translation of 30 Nights in Amsterdam

Etienne van Heerden took part in the Crossing Borders Festival (The Hague, Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium), launching the Dutch translation of 30 Nights in Amsterdam. [11.2011]

“Etienne van Heerden’s new novel 30 Nights in Amsterdam is an incredibly rich novel, magnificently
written ... 30 Nights in Amsterdam is a raging whirlwind of events, ideas, feelings and facts, captivating and transporting readers, leaving them breathless after the last page.”
– Sonja Dejong, Haarlems Dagblad [Netherlands: The Hague, 14.12.2011]

# Manuscript supervised by Etienne van Heerden published

Supporting emerging writers: Terry Westby-Nunn's The Sea of Wise Insects, the manuscript of which was completed under the supervision of Etienne van Heerden as part of UCT's Creative Writing programme, has just been published by Jacana. [11.2011]

# Maal by Nicole Jaekel Strauss

Nicole Jaekel Strauss has been awarded the Eugéne Marais Prize (a prize awarded for an early work) for her debut, Maal. Strauss also received the University of Johannesburg Prize for a Debut Work for this manuscript, completed under the supervision of Etienne van Heerden. [11.2011]

# Etienne van Heerden at the Cape Town Open Book Festival

With Earl Lovelace and Lynda Gilfillan, “The Pen Free the Word dialogue”, Open Book Festival, Cape Town, September 2011. (Photo: Books LIVE) [09.2011]

Bibi Slippers reports on this panel. Read her report on LitNet.

With novelists Christopher Hope and Hari Kunzru in the Fugard Studio, Open Book Festival, Cape Town, 23 September 2011 [09.2011]

Finuala Dowling reports on this panel. Read her report on SLiPnet.

Reading at the Open Book Festival, Cape Town, September 2011. With André P. Brink, Louise Viljoen and Ingrid Winterbach. (Photo: Marina Nel) [09.2011]

Bibi Slippers reports on this panel. Read her report on LitNet.
Barbara Burger also reports on this panel. Read her report on SLiPnet.

# Paperback edition

Smaller, more compact paperback edition of 30 Nights in Amsterdam, to be launched on
October 1st, 2011. New cover design. [09.2011]

# Photos

Etienne van Heerden (middle) spoke at the second Olive Schreiner Karoo Writers’ Festival about the Karoo as his “landscape of the mind”. Here he is with a group at the Cradock Four Memorial. At the back, from left to right: Kaia van Heerden, Tim Wege, Darryl David (founder of the festival) and Rika Featherstonehaugh. In front, from left to right: June Walters, Miki Redelinghuys and her two children, Tumani Calata, Kiara David (daughter of Darryl), Menán van Heerden, Etienne van Heerden, Nomonde Calata (wife of activist Fort Calata, one of the Cradock Four), Julienne du Toit, Michael Antrobus, the author Michael Cawood Green and Christopher Nicholson (author of Who Killed the Cradock Four?) [07.2011]

• More photographs here.

• For photographs of the festival's expedition to Schreiner's grave on Buffelskop, click here.

Eerste Festival voor het Afrikaans in Amsterdam

With other artists and organisers at the Theatre of the Tropics, Amsterdam.
Gert Vlok Nel, Calvin Ngcaku, Joris Cornelissen (main organiser), Marita van der Vyver, Themba Ndimande, Etienne van Heerden, David Kramer, Niël Rademan, EKM Dido and Rachelle Conradie (organiser). [06.2011]

Reading in the Theatre of the Tropics, Amsterdam, Netherlands, with Dutch translation of 30 Nights in Amsterdam projected overhead. [06.2011]

Before the reading:  Breyten Breytenbach, Ena Jansen, Marita van der Vyver, Etienne van Heerden and EKM Dido, Theatre of the Tropics, Amsterdam [06.2011]

Etienne van Heerden with Harry Garuba and Michiel Heyns, Men of Letters panel, Franschhoek Literary Festival 2011. [05.2011]

Etienne van Heerden joins 19 other writers from 10 countries at The Time of the Writer Festival in Durban. The focus this year is on Freedom of Expression. [03.2011]

At the "Big Five" reading at the Stellenbosch Woordfees, with novelists Ingrid Winterbach, André Brink, Elsa Joubert and Arnon Grunberg (from the Netherlands). [03.2011]
(Photo: Imke van Heerden)

# New review

# New interview

The first of four videoclips of Leon de Kock interviewing Etienne van Heerden and translator Michiel Heyns on 30 Nights in Amsterdam, Kalk Bay Books.

# Kalk Bay launch of 30 Nights in Amsterdam

The launch of Etienne van Heerden's 30 Nights in Amsterdam took place at the Kalk Bay Bookshop on Thursday, 17 February 2011. Leon de Kock was the guest speaker, and translator Michiel Heyns and Etienne van Heerden took part in a discussion about the book. Click here for more photos. [02.2011]

# New release

Penguin Books SA is delighted to announce the release of Etienne van Heerden’s 30 Nights in Amsterdam. Originally written in Afrikaans, 30 Nights in Amsterdam is now available in English for the first time!

Should you like to request an interview, review and/or give-away copies please contact Candice.Wiggett@za.penguingroup.com.

Click here for the full cover spread.

About the book

30 Nights in Amsterdam (translated by Michiel Heyns) follows Henk Andreas de Melker, a lowly museum assistant from a small town in the Eastern Cape who is unexpectedly informed that he is the sole beneficiary of his late, long-lost Aunt Zan’s estate.

He must travel to Amsterdam, where his beautiful but eccentric aunt had spent her final years, to acquire this fortune. Aunt Zan was an extraordinary woman, prone to seizures and extremely unsociable behaviour … but her “other life” – her political activism, her acting ability and her involvement in cloak-and-dagger scenarios – was known to very few. Upon Henk’s arrival in Amsterdam his own life becomes inextricably bound up with that of his late aunt.

And over the next thirty nights in Holland’s capital city many secrets will be revealed and Henk will return to South Africa a changed man.

The translator

Michiel Heyns has written several novels; his latest, Bodies Politic, won the 2009 Herman Charles Bosman Award for English Fiction.

He won the English Academy’s Sol Plaatje Award for Translating (2008) as well as the South African Translators’ Institute Award for a Literary Translation for his translation of Agaat.

# Recent awards

30 Nagte in Amsterdam received:

• the Hertzog Prize

• the WA Hofmeyr Award

• the M-Net Book Prize

• the University of Johannesburg prize for Literature

Click here for more information on 30 Nagte in Amsterdam.

# Reissues by Penguin

Leap Year, first published in Afrikaans as Die stoetmeester, was originally published in 1997 and the English edition has been out of print for more than a decade. It was nominated for the 1999 International Dublin Literary Award. The novel, set against the backdrop of the Eastern Cape in a time of great political upheaval, tells the story of the Butler family and the impact that their unusual breed of goats has on their lives and the members of their farming community. Click here for more information on Leap Year.

Ancestral Voices, the English translation of Toorberg, was first published in 1989 and has been out of print since 2001. The book gives us a vision of the Afrikaner inheritance through the eyes of the insular Moolman family. This was Van Heerden’s first international breakthrough novel. It won all the major Afrikaans literary awards in South Africa when it appeared, and established its author as the leading novelist of his generation. Click here for more information on Ancestral Voices.

# UCT MA Creative Writing student Nicole Jaekel-Strauss publishes her manuscript written under Etienne van Heerden's supervision to great acclaim:


Nicole Jaekel Strauss
Publisher: Queillerie
ISBN: 9780795800177

Click here to buy Maal from Kalahari.net.


# The guest house at 42 Market Street, Cradock, named after Etienne van Heerden. Book at Die Tuishuise, Victoria Manor, Cradock.


# Etienne van Heerden's LitNet launches LitNet Akademies, an accredited academic journal.

# Etienne van Heerden's LitNet launches The Big Book Chain Chat.

# Etienne van Heerden on the Schreiner Literary Festival.

With organiser Darryl David at the Schreiner Festival, Victoria Manor, Cradock, July 2010.


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