Publication of manuscript supervised by Etienne van Heerden: Featherstream by Ian Sutherland

Featerstream by Ian Sutherland was published in 2018 by Vindigo Press.

About the book

February 1942. With the Nazis triumphant in Europe, North Africa and much of the USSR, control of the shipping lanes off the southernmost tip of Africa is an Allied imperative. At the urging of Prime Minister Jan Smuts, South Africa’s parliament has narrowly voted to join the British war effort, but the country remains bitterly divided. Feisty university student Anna van der Vliet returns to her family farm near Cape Agulhas during the holidays. Noticing strange comings and goings in the area, she begins to suspect that her father, a prominent Member of Parliament, may be involved in a clandestine operation to aid the enemy.

As a patriot, Anna feels compelled to inform the authorities, but what if this means betraying her family and lover? Drawing on extensive historical research, Featherstream is a unique tapestry of suspense, wartime intrigue and romance.

First time author Ian Sutherland gets under your skin in this historical novel set in the breath-taking Cape Agulhas area in a pre-Nationalist South Africa. It’s a compelling read, with a wonderful sense of place and a cracking pace.
~ Love Books

Publication of manuscript supervised by Etienne van Heerden: Talion | Wrok by Beyers de Vos

Talion by Beyers de Vos was published in 2018 by Penguin Random House South Africa.

About the book

ISBN 9781485903482

Pretoria: Five people with distinct lives, living in different sections of the city, but all tied together in ways they have yet to understand. Ben and Freya are orphaned twins, and Freya believes them to be as close as twins can be, but Ben has kept secrets from Freya that have led to his murder. Mr October is a widowed father, a rugby coach at a high school, and a devout Christian, but harbours a dark past that haunts him. Slick is a self-harming drug dealer, who, shaped by the brutal lessons of his mentor, Mama Africa, knows retribution is a vital aspect of staying in control. And Nolwazi is an inspector with the Brooklyn Police Department, who wants to do her job properly, but is thwarted by an over-worked system and corrupt peers.

Why did Ben die? Who killed him? Who will be the one to achieve justice? And is justice even a possibility?

A gripping literary debut, Talion captures the dark and messy consequences of grief, anger and revenge.

CLICK HERE  to read an extract from Talion.

Also available in Afrikaans as Wrok.

2018 Lit.Fest in Harare, Zimbabwe

Etienne van Heerden delivered the keynote at Lit.Fest 2018 in Harare, Zimbabwe, and took part in a panel discussion on digital spaces.

At Lit.Fest 2018 in Harare, with Zimbabwean novelist Shimmer Chinodya, Numero Uno from Nigeria and poet Chirikure Chirikure, Zimbabwe.

Die tweede Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée: program

Klik hier vir die volledige program.

Die tweede Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée, die breinkind van en georganiseer deur Darryl David, word van 22 tot 24 September in Cradock en Somerset-Oos aangebied. Vanjaar sal ‘n gratis slypskool vir ontwikkelende skrywers by die soirée aangebied word en dit begin reeds met openingslesings deur Etienne van Heerden op 20 September, om 18h00.

Ander veldskoolaanbieders is Chanette Paul, Maya Fowler en Izak de Vries (prosa), asook Fanie Olivier, Bibi Slippers en Melt Myburg (poësie). Veldskoolbywoners sal ook deur die loop van die dag op 21 September by hulle sessies hê.

Hierdie skrywers sal nie net op 20 en 21 September as mentors by die skryfskool optree nie, maar sal ook 22–24 September aan feesitems en paneelbesprekings op die veldsoiréeprogram deelneem. Die veldsoirée en veldskool vul mekaar dus aan, aangesien die veldskoolbywoners ook die gratis feesitems kan bywoon.

Hulle kan só hul mentors beter leer ken, en het gratis toegang tot ’n uitgebreide feesprogram wat ’n wye verskeidenheid aspekte van die skryfkuns oor verskillende genres heen aanspreek. Die veldskoolbywoners sal ook die geleentheid hê om hul werk aan die publiek bekend te stel.

Nes die geval is met die veldskoolaanbiedings, is alle veldsoirée-items vir alle soiréebesoekers gratis, met uitsondering van die biltong-en-sjerrie Olive Schreiner-sarkofaagbesoek per 4×4 (R150 per persoon) en ’n klein toegangsfooi by die Walter Battiss-museum in Somerset-Oos.

Karin Brynard, Bettina Wyngaard, Ronelda Kamfer, Dana Snyman en Nathan Trantaal sal op Sondag 23 September by die Jakes Gerwel-huis in Somerset-Oos optree. Soiréegangers sal dus vanaf Cradock na Somerset-Oos oorry vir die dag se bedrywighede.

Tien reisbeurse van R1 000 elk is beskikbaar vir Veldskool-bywoners, asook spesiale verblyftariewe. Vir besonderhede hieroor of navrae ivm die Veldsoirée in die algemeen, kontak feesorganiseerder Darryl David by 081 360 9231 of

Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2018

22–25 September, Cradock
Gratis toegang vir alle programitems
Feesorganiseerder: Darryl David ( / 081 360 9231)

Besoekers by 2017 se Veldsoirée (Foto: Amy Coetzer)

Die bekende feesorganiseerder Darryl David het aangekondig dat die tweede Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée vanjaar oor die langnaweek 22–25 September op Cradock en Somerset-Oos en in die Cradock-distrik sal plaasvind.

“2017 se Veldsoirée was iets besonders,” het Darryl gesê. “Dit was een van daardie onvergeetlike feeste waar almal vir drie dae met ’n breë glimlag op hul gesigte rondgeloop het. En die toer na Schreiner se sarkofaag – dit bly die hoogtepunt van my alternatiewe lewe as feesimpresario. Die Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée bly my mees egte Karoofees.”

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Coming up: The 2018 Etienne van Heerden Veld Soirée

22–23–24 September, Cradock
Free admission to all events
Festival organiser: Darryl David 081 360 9231

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Buses from Cape Town and Pretoria/Johannesburg and Bloemfontein to Cradock and back

More info:

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Darryl David with Godfrey Meintjes (Rhodes University) who presented a lecture on intertextuality in Van Heerden’s work. (Photo: Amy Coetzer)