Press release: UJ announces shortlist for the 2023 UJ Prize for Translation

A Library to Flee’s translator, Henrietta Rose-Innes, shortlisted for the University of Johannesburg’s Prize for Translation – University of Johannesburg News

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is delighted to present the shortlist for the esteemed 2023 UJ Prize for Translation. This accolade acknowledges the remarkable achievements of translators in the realm of literary translation. UJ received a multitude of entries, each demonstrating remarkable quality, making the process of shortlisting both demanding and rewarding. The UJ Prize for Translation is awarded for the translation of a text from any language into any one of the official South African languages.

The three talented translators who have been shortlisted for their exemplary translation work are:

  • Henrietta Rose-Innes for A Library to Flee translated from the original text (Die biblioteek aan die einde van die wêreld by Etienne van Heerden). Publisher: Tafelberg
  • Michiel Heyns for The Dao of Daniel translated from the original text (Die dao van Daan van der Walt by Lodewyk G du Plessis). Publisher: Tafelberg
  • Karen Press for Pillage translated from the original text (Plunder by Antjie Krog). Publisher: Human & Rousseau

The calibre and profound talent exhibited by these translators are undeniably remarkable. Their steadfast commitment to the craft of translation not only elevated the UJ Prize for Translation competition but also played a substantial role in advancing cross-cultural comprehension and linguistic diversity. The anticipation is palpable as we observe such extraordinary talent within the realm of translation.

The official announcement of the 2023 UJ Prize for Translation winner is scheduled for Monday, 23 October 2023.

Ms Corné Johl, the Deputy Head of the Department of Multilingual Language Services at the Faculty of Humanities, UJ, conveyed her appreciation, stating, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for their unwavering commitment and diligence in this competition. The judging process posed significant challenges, given the exceptional quality of the entries, and we genuinely value the dedication and passion invested by each translator.”

She further remarked, “Once more, congratulations to our esteemed shortlisted translators. Their contributions have already left a profound mark, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating your accomplishments during the final announcement.”

Gebeente: A master storyteller at work

Gebeente is uitgegee deur Tafelberg, ’n druknaam van NB-Uitgewers

Etienne van Heerden
ISBN: 9780624094678

The full extent of Etienne van Heerden’s talent is exhibited in this work: his unbridled imagination; words that sound like he marinated his computer in honey; a sharp analysis of society; a fine sense of humour and irony; a master storyteller; and a thorough understanding of his medium.

Gebeente: LitNet Akademies-resensie-essay deur Willie Burger

Die volle omvang van Etienne Van Heerden se talent word in hierdie werk uitgestal: sy ongebreidelde verbeelding; woorde wat lees asof hy sy rekenaar in heuning gemarineer het; ’n skerp analise van die samelewing; ’n fyn sin vir humor en ironie; ’n meesterverteller; en ’n grondige begrip van sy medium.

Gebeente voer die leser met betowerende vertellings weg na ’n magiese wêreld wat terselfdertyd ’n angswekkend realistiese, kontemporêre Suid-Afrika is. Sodoende bied die roman presies wat ek van letterkunde verwag, naamlik dat dit mens moet meesleur en betower, nie sodat ons kan ontsnap uit die wêreld waarin ons leef nie, maar sodat ons kan ontsnap uit konvensionele maniere van kyk na die wêreld waarin ons leef, uit gevestigde maniere van dink oor die wêreld waarin ons leef.

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